Elder Nominations

PROCESS:The Nomination of Elders involves an Elder Nomination Team that includes members from the SLT as well as SCC.  The Elder Nomination Team receives nominations for new Elders from the Church membership or if a person has the desire to serve in that capacity, he may nominate himself.  If chosen to move forward in the nomination process, nominees will be asked to complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview process that will include his spouse (if applicable).  This will be conducted by the Elder Nomination Team.  After careful consideration and as led by the Holy Spirit, the Elder Nomination Team will then present proposed Elders to the SLT.  Once approved by the SLT, such candidates will then be presented to the Church.  The congregation will be given twenty (20) days during which time they will be given the opportunity to show “cause” as to why any one of the Elder nominees would not be qualified to serve. Any member with such “cause” must first express his/her concern to the Elder nominee and then must also express his/her concern to the SLT for consideration.  Once that process is completed and they receive final approval from the SLT, such candidates will then be presented to the Church at a Church Family Conference.  They must be affirmed by no less than two-thirds vote of the members in attendance.

AS YOU CONTINUE: Elders play an extremely important role in our Church, one that is not to be taken lightly. As such, we ask that you prayerfully complete this form, evaluating each question honestly based on your knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications for the office of Elder at Springdale Community Church. Please take time to read 1 Timothy 3:1-10 and Titus 1:5-9, which describe the qualifications of Elders, before completing the form. The nomination should be submitted without informing the man being nominated. Submitted forms are confidential and will only be viewed initially by members of the Elder Nomination Team and by the SLT upon completion of the final vetting process.

HOW TO NOMINATE: You may pick up a form at the Connect Bar at church or download a hard copy of the form and either 1) mail it to the church (4601 Springdale Road – Louisville, KY 40241) – c/o Elder Nomination Team or 2) drop it in the church mailbox – c/o Elder Nomination Team. Completed Nomination Forms must be received no later than January 26, 2020.