Brian Combs

Executive Pastor

Why do you love Springdale?

I love that we focus on sharing and showing the Gospel of Jesus to our neighbors and nations! We do that through intentional relationships founded on the love of Jesus. Sometimes it’s difficult, but we press in and sharpen one another because we love each other!

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Ken Smith

Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

Raised in Indiana, Ken has been married to his wife Christy for 15 years. They have a 5 year old son named Jackson and a 6 year old Golden Retriever named Ruby. They spent a number of years doing ministry on the west coast, serving in California and then beginning their family in Las Vegas. Ken is a graduate of IUS and was ordained as a Pastor in 2009.

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Dennis Poulette

Fusion Student Pastor

Why do you love Springdale?

I love Springdale because it is a place where I can meet with God in a community of people who are seeking Him and showing Him to those around them. We are free to show our flaws and work through our problems by seeking God in the Word of God in a community in which everyone has a common goal of knowing Christ and making Him known.

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John Adams

Community Outreach Pastor

Why do you love Springdale?

I love Springdale because the Gospel is priority and we are pursuing Missional living as a community.

Traci Hook

Preschool Coordinator

Why do you love Springdale?

Through this broken group of people we call Springdale Community Church, I have learned to fiercely love God, to forgive, to serve and have the courage to reach others for Christ. This body of believers have blessed my family in so many ways. All of my girls have come to know the Lord through people who have sacrificially given of their time and talents in order to demonstrate God’s love to them. Andy and I will always be eternally grateful for SCC. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

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Jack Scarborough

Director of The O.A.K.S.

Why do you love Springdale?

My wife and I were living in Chicago when our daughter and her family became members of Springdale. They fell in love with the church and became compassionately involved in its ministry. As result their entire family accepted Christ and are actively involved in the church. When we returned to Louisville we never even considered joining another church.

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Jenny Hunter

Office Admin

Why do you love Springdale?

I love Springdale because it has been the church that helped to raise my children, where I have found a place to serve, where I have found my closest friends, where I can worship my God and now where I am able to use my talents on staff. It holds a special place in my heart and I am thankful to God for the many years I have been here.

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