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At Springdale Church, we want membership to matter. We want members to rightly believe and feel like they are valued by and a contributing partner to Springdale Church. The membership process seeks to acclimate new members into the life of the church. The purpose of this outline is to explain the four-step cycle new members go through as they join the church.

The Springdale Membership Cycle contains four points of contact.

First Connection: A special event where you get to know us and we get to know you! You will get to meet our pastors and hear how God is using Springdale Community Church in Louisville and around the world. First Connection is a causal environment and a great place to ask questions. It will take place immediately following the 10:00am worship service on a Sunday morning. Bring the whole family—we want to meet the kids! 

Membership Class 1: In our first of two membership classes, participants will hear about the past, present, and future of Springdale Community Church. They will also receive guidance for pursuing membership in the church. Membership classes will take place at 8:45am on Sunday mornings in one of the Fireside rooms. Childcare will be available.

Coffee with a Pastor: Ideally taking place between the two membership classes, which are two – three weeks apart, Coffee with a Pastor is the chance for the pastor to hear the testimony and spiritual gifting’s of those seeking membership. Candidates are asked to provide a written testimony of their salvation (including life before, at, and since conversion) and baptism story prior to the meeting. We want you to have a clear biblical understanding of the gospel, salvation, and church membership. Think of this meeting as sharing the “past” and “present” components of your story. It will also be one more chance to get to know the pastor and ask any questions you have.

Membership Class 2: In our second membership class, we will help new members consider their “future” at Springdale. We do this by encouraging you to join a LifeGroup and sign up to serve on a ministry team. We will also discuss practical ways to live out the membership covenant with one another. Class will end with new members signing a membership statement.

At the successful completion of the membership process, the Director of Membership will present the new members to the congregation during a Sunday morning service.

Upcoming Membership Class Dates:

First Connection: April 14

Membership Class #1: April 21

Membership Class #2: May 5

As you can see, at Springdale Community Church, we take church membership seriously, because it really matters. If you have any questions about our membership process, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we may engage a conversation with you.

Membership Affirmation depending on scheduling availability

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